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All About Fijian Culture

Vibrant and inviting are the first words that come to mind when thinking of Fijian culture. Yet, Fijian culture is multi-faceted, nurtured by Fijian, Indian, European and Chinese influences.

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Fijian Traditions

While Fijians are known for their friendliness, earning the island the name “The Island of Smiles”, there are several traditions and customs that visitors need to be mindful of. For example, it is considered incredibly impolite for a visitor to a local village not to remove their hat, as wearing one in the presence of the chief is a sign of disrespect in Fijian custom.

Fijian Festivals and Ceremonies

Most well-known of all Fijian ceremonies are Meke, Lovo, and Kava (also known as “Yaqona”). Meke embraces the Fijian love of dance, combined with traditional tales and songs of legends, love, history, and spirits, beautifully intertwined with traditional dance movements. The Lovo centers upon the Fijian love of food, with a large open fire for a barbeque style feast. The Kava, meanwhile, is Fiji’s national drink, and serves as a great reason for Fijians to come together. The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa invites you to experience Fiji’s exciting festivities at our cultural night held every Wednesday and Saturday at Coco Palms

Fijian People

Fijian people are some of the happiest, healthiest and most accommodating people on Earth. Hospitality is a large part of Fijian culture, and it is something which we at The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa embrace emphatically. This is made all the easier due to the vast majority of Fijians speaking English, in addition to Fijian or Hindi.

Get first hand knowledge about the traditions, values and overall culture of Fiji by visiting one of the cultural villages, Navala or Viseisei. Located in the mainland, these villages are located between a 20 and 90-minute drive from the resort.